Code of Ethics

Astrology, Tarot, Reiki, Intuitive Guidance


As an ethical, professional Spiritual Practitioner, I will...

Read for anyone who has a sincere inquiry about their own journey and is of legal age. 

Read for a minor if their parent or guardian is present and focus on the uplifting and supportive message for the youth.

Read for third party inquiries, but only from the perspective of the client's position and how they can understand their participation of the relationship better.

Read about topics such as health, or legal matters by focusing on the message relating to how the client can better understand their current situation. 

Direct the client to seek professional advice for any circumstances that may require more serious attention…such as legal advice, health and medical care, or emergency services.

Interact with the client in a way that encourages their participation and ownership to what they are experiencing.  

Help the client navigate through any obstacles that may be blocking them from seeing their truth or the path that will lead them to what is in the highest good for all involved.

Re-phrase questions that are focused on someone else, so that the client becomes the center of the inquiry.

Re-phrase questions that have more than one topic addressed in it, so that we may direct our attention to the heart of the question, one step at a time.

As an ethical, professional Spiritual Practitioner, I will NOT...

Read to inquire about anyone's death.

Predict or speculate on anyone's pregnancy.

Do predictive readings requiring a specific future outcome or date but WILL provide insight on the situation based on current energies and understandings of what may be possible.

Give direct advice on what the client should do, this will always be their work and decision.

As an ethical, professional Spiritual Practitioner, I promise to... 

Treat every client with kindness and compassion.  

Create a safe, comfortable, harmonious space for every session. 

Not judge personal situations in any negative way, and keep all information shared, confidential.

Keep all client files password protected and not make available to any other source outside of Raven Magik. 

Provide a safe and private atmosphere so that the client may freely share what they feel needs attention and can empty themselves to whatever level they choose.  

Guide with the assistance of Astrology, Tarot, and Spirit, so together we can explore and understand anything that will contribute to the clients Souls evolution, or increased awareness levels. 

Explore what is being held in the sub-conscious and bring it into the conscious, so that clarity and expansion is created and if necessary, healing can begin.

If I feel, or the client feels like we are not a match to work together, for any reason, I will gracefully refer them to another practitioner.  It is my intention to make the clients well-being the absolute number one priority.  With love and trust I seek the highest good for all involved